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gerretBorn on the 4th of July

by Gerret, file under: About Me


Yep. The Gerret was born on the Fourth of July. This is only my fourth party, but it calculates out to 35 dog years, so I don't want any of you Gen-Y folk trying to pull rank.

And Happy Birthday to the good ol' US of A! It is now 1190 dog-years old. Not bad for a failed experiment in corporations-are-people-too democracy.

So anyway, since I'm talking about me, and talking about the USA, and just happened to get photographed making a political statement the other day (see above), I'd like to request that once you get that whole Civil Rights thing settled, and that Gay thing straightened out and those rich folks relieved of all taxation, can dogs be next?

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Anne O'Neill:

Happy Birthday Gerret! read your whole blog now from here in (not so sunny) Scotland, lovin' it. Murphy & Maddie hope you had a blast!


Yes! A blast of air-conditioning during this insufferable heat wave we're having. Thanks and best wishes to Murphy and Maddie. Please give them each a giant lamb chop with my complements.


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