November 27, 2006

erotic cat pee drawings


mea mea mea. culpa. mini of hour loyal reeders are aware that we half displayed little tolerance four the cats who also reside hear. we chase them, we eat there food, we besmirch there characters. butt every ones inn a lifetime a cat does something sew special, sew brilliant, that eye must, four won brief shining moment, take a position of anti-disrespect. esek.

sew here's a shout-out two guillermo, the black cat eye call "billy," four his incredible knew erotic cat pee drawings:

Erotic Cat Pee Art 1

Erotic Cat Pee Art 2

this is grate arf if eye've ever scene it. this mite start a movement. heck, it was a movement!

    November 24, 2006

The Museum of Modern Arfs


All things must change, and with that brief fanfare, I announce that after more than 37 dog years of consistency and tradition, we, your humble blog dogs, have added a new category: the museum of modern arfs.

What inspired this momentous break with long-standing tradition? Why the discovery of an artist, so brilliant, so visionary, that we could no longer pretend that culture was little more than a pool of slime in a petrie dish. That artist is... (drum roll) the magnificent Pawlick!!!!!

pawlick art

If you don't like it, then you don't get it. This is not your run-of-the-mill namby-pamby art. This is high-grade, conceptual, social sculpture! Why? Well, let me tell you.

It's not the images Mr. Pawlick creates that are important. What's important is the medium: dry commercial dog food. All his art is made with those crappy, dry, tasteless, formed, colored, 100-year-shelf-life turds that humids like to call "kibble."

Why is that important? Because people are buying his stuff! This will inspire more artists to work in kibble, and more collectors to buy art made of kibble. This will drive the price of kibble through the roof and pretty soon humids will have no choice but to feed us REAL food. I LOVE ART!!!!

So today we add Pawlick to our pantheon of great artists, which includes C.M. Coolidge and little Billy Wegman. Please support Mr. Pawlick because we're concerned for his future. If he were doing well, he probably wouldn't need to contact a couple of dogs to promote his work.