The Semiotics of French Dog Signs

A research project compiled by Chigger

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canisite.jpg obernai.jpg ramasse.jpg
This sign indicates a dog bathroom. What's of interest here is the grafitti on the sign. While I can't quite read the whole thing, and the dog text is a bit colloquial, it appears to say something to the effect of "There once was a dog from Nantucket..." This is apparently an election day sign and suggests that handing out sacks of dog poop will improve voter disposition. This sign is a warning to miscreants that it is illegal to poke anything up a dog's butt. (Do they really need to be told that?)
toutounet.jpg weinerdog.jpg tenus.jpg
This sign tells dogs that unless they want someone to put them in a sack and throw them away, they should always be sure to pee on tires. This sign is a visual remnant of an earlier, and less tolerant time. The graphic states that all weiner dogs have to walk in the gutter. This is a very complex sign. It says, "Beware, Lassie hasn't been vaccinated for memes." What's a meme? It's a "contagious information pattern that replicates by parasitically infecting minds and altering behavior." At least that's what Woody tells me.