woody pitchers

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chigger chewing me out because i could knot figure out how two use the shift key. wear dogs go on vacation. we sneak a good butt sniff on an unsuspecting human buy leaping threw a portal in the time-space continuum. hunting the rare rinocosquirrel on the serengetty planes.
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hear ewe sea gilda, acting smug only because theirs a u.n. piece-keeping force in the vicinity. a strange hobbit gives us a round thing and says "the won ring that rules the mall," whatever that means. it tasted terrible. listening attentively as drs. spot, rover and gritlips lecture on the subject of "pavlov: evil genius ore cat lackey?" wee visit hairball, an itinerate feline that got thrown inn the slammer four cat burglary.
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courting the undecided vote. chigger after her surgery. me waiting outside the operating room. communion. it's a catholic thing.